Pastor Jonathan Bosserd grew up in a Christian home where he was taught the need for a Savior. At the age of five, he accepted Christ but it was a few years later, at a church camp, that he received full assurance of his salvation and was baptized in obedience to the Lord’s command. During his years of growing up at home, he was always committed to do whatever the Lord wanted of him, thinking that it would probably be in mission work. But, God did not move in that direction or open any doors. Brother Bosserd continued to pray.

Holly grew up in a pastor’s home and at the age of six made a profession of faith in Christ but became troubled about her salvation in her early teen years. In October of 1996, the Lord gave her full assurance that she had been born again and at that time she surrendered to full-time service wherever the Lord would have that be.

Jonathan attended Pensacola Christian College and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Holly attended Hyles-Anderson College and Oklahoma Baptist College. Both of them continued to pray for God’s will to be done in their lives as they faithfully served in their local churches. In the Fall of 2012, at a church service, they were introduced and in May of 2013 Jonathan and Holly were married. God has blessed their home with three children, Eden, Noah and Henry.

As they served faithfully in the ministries of Green Meadow Bible Baptist Church, God made it clear to them about their place of service. Jonathan was ordained in June of 2023 and was called as pastor of their home church where they humbly accepted, knowing plainly it was God’s will for them.

The Bosserd family is happy to be at Green Meadow and looks forward to many years of serving and leading this church family.